just-themys asked:

What about an AU where Ivan and Gilbert both work in one of those big pet shops who also are "garden shop" (I don't know if it's the good term). And Gilbert is in the pet shop part, and are a good liking with birds, when Ivan is in the garden part, especially in sunflower part, and they meet here, and begin to bond and develop a strong liking for each other, and they start to be super excited to go to work. One of them eventually confess after some time…

prubun answered:

That sounds really cute. Like just the image of Ivan caring for sunflowers is adorable, and Gilbert would be playing with the birds and letting them sit on his shoulders and head. I feel like Ivan would confess first because I see him admiring Gilbert from afar and enjoying how he is with the birds.

Imagine that Ivan gives Gilbert a sunflower though. Gosh that’s so cute I’m gonna cry.



Yeah, I love imagining Gilbert being very soft with the birds. And the customers (and Ivan =w=) are always stunned of how they are comfortable with him and love him. Yeah, he could give him a sunflower with a little card and just after runs away because he’s too shy to handle the situation.

And Gil would stay here stunned and all blushy. At first he could be not really sure of his feelings, but after this confession he couldn’t stop thinking of Ivan, and even calls one of the birds he takes care of “Ivan”. 

And one day, Ivan (who’s still without reply) could catch Gilbert calling this bird by his name and they are both all blushy. But Ivan is just super happy. image

Oh gosh it got even cuter.

Just imagine Ivan standing behind Gilbert so he can’t see him, and Gilbert is caring for the bird and calls it “Ivan,” and Ivan gets super embarrassed but he’s smiling and thinks it’s really cute. I imagine him clearing his throat to let Gilbert know he’s there, and Gilbert would turn around, completely red-faced, and he’d deny calling the bird Ivan at all and get super flustered.

Long story short: These two are the biggest dorks ever and I cannot handle it.